NOTE - This is not an official GoC website. This is a demostration site to show how the idQ technology might be presented on a GoC website.

inBay Technologies secure login solution idQ® provides passwordless authentication where no private information (username, password, biometric, or other shared secret) is transmitted.

Identity is validated by Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) that requires the following 3 components:

  • the user's idQ-registered mobile device
  • a personal identifier
  • a dynamic, encrypted, digital signature that is sent over an out-of-band channel

Use idQ to lock down user login, and access to restricted pages and forms.

idQ also provides a delegated authorization method for private business operations. It allows the use of personal devices to securely identify and authorize:

  • operations
  • transactions
  • access to private information/files

For more information about inBay Technologies and idQ, please visit www.idquanta.com

idQ requires the use of a mobile app which must be locally authenticated and then used to scan a QR code on the Drupal site to allow access to the site. This greatly improves security of your web site over standard "password only" authentication systems.

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